Discover how to analyze multiple trading strategies and choose the best ones on MetaTrader 4

This short (16 minutes) video demonstrates how simple MT4 add-on allows you to analyze trading results by currency pair, trade comment or magic number in just a few seconds

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Analyze MT4 Trading Results Instantly

With MyMT4Book you can analyze your MT4 account performance instantly on the chart window without uploading your trading record online. MyMT4Book will group and examine all trading positions by a magic number, pair, or comments and will show you trading performance for each strategy so you can spot the winners immediately.

I highly recommend MyMT4Book. It is vital to know what stats your EAs have when using them on MT4. It allows you to view statistics by type of currency or by strategy number. Excellent product.

Javier Pineda

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase MyMT4Book Today...

  • Fast alternative to MyFxBook right on your MT4 chart

    MyMT4Book add-on for MT4 is a basic alternative to MyFxBook, but with MyMT4Book you get trade statistics fast and right on your MT4 chart window.

  • Find top performing strategies on your MT4 account

    MyMT4Book allows you to spot top trading strategies on your MT4 account by grouping trading positions by currency pair (symbols), trade comments or magic numbers.

  • Deeper analysis on multiple charts instantly

    You can run multiple instances of MyMT4Book on the same account with different parameters. For example on one chart you can have trade statistics grouped by Magic Number while other chart might display statistics for each Symbol.

Click Here to Get MyMT4Book »Opens in a new window and does not stop the video